Giuliana Allegrucci

Associate professor of Zoology

Department of Biology
Laboratory of Experimental Ecology and Aquaculture
Tel. 06-7259-5978
Web: Zoology and Evolutionary Biology






Latest publications

  • 2020  – The diet of Weddell seals (Leptonychotes weddellii) in Terra Nova Bay using stable isotope analysis – European Zoological Journal  – 10.1080/24750263.2020.1720832
  • 2019 – Insights into the molecular phylogeny of Rhaphidophoridae, an ancient, worldwide lineage of Orthoptera – Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution  – 10.1016/j.ympev.2019.05.032
  • 2018 – Investigating the genetic structure of trout from the Garden of Ninfa (central Italy): Suggestions for conservation and management – Fisheries Management and Ecology  – 10.1111/fme.12259
  • 2017  – Molecular phylogeography of Troglophilus cave crickets (Orthoptera, Rhaphidophoridae): A combination of vicariance and dispersal drove diversification in the East Mediterranean region – Journal of Zoological Systematics and Evolutionary Research10.1111/jzs.12172
  • 2017  – New data on Weddell seal (Leptonychotes weddellii) colonies: A genetic analysis of a top predator from the Ross Sea, Antarctica – PLoS ONE  – 10.1371/journal.pone.0182922
  • 2017  – Three new species of Bathysciola Jeannel, 1910 (Leiodidae, Cholevinae, Leptodirini) from caves in Central Italy, comparing morphological taxonomy with molecular phylogeny – Insect Systematics and Evolution10.1163/1876312X-00002175
  • 2016  – Testing Classical Species Properties with Contemporary Data: How \bad Species\ in the Brassy Ringlets (Erebia tyndarus complex, Lepidoptera) Turned Good – Systematic Biology10.1093/sysbio/syv087