Carla Jodice

Associate professor of Genetics

Department of Biology
Laboratory of Genetics
Tel. 06-7259-4321








Latest publications

  • 2018 – Signs of continental ancestry in urban populations of Peru through autosomal STR loci and mitochondrial DNA typing – PLoS ONE10.1371/journal.pone.0200796
  • 2018 – Enlarging the gene-geography of Europe and the Mediterranean area to STR loci of common forensic use: longitudinal and latitudinal frequency gradients – Annals of Human Biology10.1080/03014460.2017.1409365
  • 2017 – Alcohol use disorder and GABA B receptor gene polymorphisms in an Italian sample: haplotype frequencies, linkage disequilibrium and association studies – Annals of Human Biology10.1080/03014460.2017.1287307
  • 2016 – Spatially explicit models to investigate geographic patterns in the distribution of forensic STRs: Application to the north-eastern mediterranean – PLoS ONE10.1371/journal.pone.0167065